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How much does A synthtic turf field cost?

How much does a replacement synthtic turf field cost?

Can someone repair our existing field to help us make it through another year before we replace it?

These questions are being asked all over the country as owners try to purchase fields for the fist time and replace existing fields that are up in age.


Did your artificial turf field last the full 8 year warranty?      Do you have a turf field that seems to be wearing out faster than you think it should?

There are several factors to trying to determine the cost of a new artificial turf field or a replacement field. We will try to provide you a guideline on how to plan your field purchase in a way that gives you long lasting use of the surface. Many web sites will explain how to purchase and what that general cost will be and that is it. We will guide down the road of making decisions on the front end that impact your up keep cost in years 6 through 9 or more. Those are the years that no one talks about in the planning because the focus is all on the purchase. That period becomes the most stressful time for many owners because typically the field is falling apart costing thousands to repair, but most owners can't afford to invest in the replacement field. This is what needs to be factored into the buying decision at the beginning and owners have to understand the influence of the "new car" smell in the buying process.

There is a lot required in maintaining an artificial turf field properly and if you want the surface to out last its warranty. It is important to purchase your field from a company offering a complete service and not just a large piece of carpet. Some of the largest brands in the in the industry are also the worst at providing the service to help an owner maintain the surface once installed. There are several reasons for this but what's important for schools and parks department to understand is that you can take steps during the design and purchase of your new field that will impact the longevity of your investment.

More is being added shortly to this important section information is being updated to reflect the most current information. (Posting will be made in the next few days) Thank you


DOC President Braddock Boyd (left) down in Dalton GA discussing the manufacturing process and looking for ways to improve product quality. As a builder we have insite in to quality issues that may be correctable in the factory. We work with only the best manufacturers who are willing to stand by their products.


DOC CEO Graham Hayes inspecting the qualiy of a tufted product

This a tufting machine and this is how the turf fibers are tufted into the backing material. The is the same process that is done with most carpets in our homes. Same machines and same process.

We have taken owners down to the plants to see products being made. If you would like to see the process first and please let us know. It will change how you look at the purchasing process for your field and allow you to see through some of the advertising.



MARYLAND SOCCER FOUNDATION partners with DOC to design their own premium play soccer turf. These custom fields are being test against the 19 natural grass fields on site to see if DOC can deliver ball roll speed to replicate the natural grass.

The field’s surface play is being fine tuned under the contract to adjust it to best mimic the ball play and speed of real grass. The development agreement includes the input of hundreds of soccer teams that play on the fields over the season. After having surveyed over 50 teams the opinion of soccer teams is over 95% approval rating among teams having played on various brand names.

The fields have constantly been referred to as the "best soccer fields we have ever played on"............ "they are so flat and even"

Premium Soccer Fields - True Dual Fiber System, 10 Year Warranty on Turf and Drain System (See Current Installations)





There are several types of turf and in today’s market the Parallel Extrusion (Left) and Mono Fiber (Right) are the most common.






Why is this turf backing product breaking down?

Can this happen to a field you purchase?

Has your consultant or turf sales rep discussed this with you?

This is a brand new product that we rejected prior to a turf provider's bid submission on one of our projects. This turf provider wasn't allow to submit their bid until they re-engineered the product and it met our independent testing standards. 

We use our 20 years of experience to prevent inferior products from reaching our fields.

Call or email us about your upcoming project to see how we can help your organization.


Because DOC isn't locked into a brand name, we can advise our clients on the most durable and long lasting products for their investment. We are not locked into representing a brand win loose or draw, we represent quality and that is what we deliver in all of our services.

One conversation with our team and I think it will be clear the difference we can make on your next project.



The industry has some very well know industry testing procedures for determining the how durable a turf product. One such test is called the "Roll Stud or "Lisosport" apparatus. This is a cylinder type machine that rolls up and down a piece of turf with infill product while the turf table moves from side to side. Each trip up and back represents a "Cycle." 

  • FIFA's minimum standard for the industry is 5,000 cycles
  • DOC minimum standard is 20,000 cycles for the 24/7 type use our clients look for with these fields. (New Fibers Product)

This test is one of the most recognized ways to simulate the action of cleats running on a field and anyone trying to sell you turf should be able to explain where their product stacks up in the industry with this test. If a company is not willing to provide written documentation from the yarn manufacturer that should tell you all you need to know.

This is where we start when clients ask about the durability of a turf product. We are independent and have no mandate to promote a brand name like most turf providers. We reference the test data and show you what seems to be the best answer for:

                            "How long will this turf field last?"

We look to the test results published nationally and recommend products with at the top of the industry for durability. No amount of advertising should be a satisfactory replacement for factual data about the durability of the product. Just because others have decided to purchase a product with a lower durability level doesn't mean you have to follow.

Make them show you not sell you on the greatness of their product. Any product that has been tested to show it lasts as long as our recommendation has test data to support the claim.

  • Test Data from Yarn Extrusion Manufacturer (Not turf company)
  • Minimum of 20,000 cycles without showing wear (Minimum durability for our recommendations)
  • We are recommending the best known yarn manufacturer and industry leader world-wide (Fact not advertising)

Don't invest $500,000 to $1,000,000 in a company's advertising campaign; invest in a product that can show you it will provide a return on your investment.